Ryan Hewlett | Freelance Illustration





Hi, I am a freelance illustrator working in New York.

I work with other companies and creative agencies to create visual work that conveys narrative, meaning, and connection.

My illustration work has been recognized by online platforms such as the Dieline.

Want to Work Together?

Here are some of the things I can help you with:


• Packaging illustration
• Editorial illustration
• Book covers
• Posters

• Apparel illustration
• Product illustration
• Print/Digital ads


Want to Get in Touch?

You can reach me at ryan@ryanhewlett.com



In addition to being an illustrator, I also run a brand design studio called Motorcycle. I work with clients and other creative agencies to help position a company’s brand to be an effective player in their market. I have spent years learning, studying, and observing how brands work and what goes into creating a brand that resonates with people.

View branding projects at StudioMotorcycle.com